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Purpose: The peer reviewed gerontologic resources were developed as an easy-to-use reference for faculty wanting to infuse nursing courses with gerontologic content. Web resources were primarily identified from published articles, existing websites, the Google online search engine, or faculty recommendations.

Sites were specifically selected for their applicability for student learning at the pre-RN licensure level.

All sites underwent primary review by one of the site-list authors, who also developed the descriptive information. Sites were reviewed for their application to student learning and their evidence base. All sites and annotated descriptions were reviewed by all four authors. This information was accurate and linkages were active on January 31st, 2012. The review process occurs on a quarterly basis.

Criteria for inclusion of sites on this list are:

  • Provides information that is of relevance to students in a pre-licensure registered nurse program.
  • Provides an evidence base for content.
  • Contents include materials that have instructional value such as a video clip, quiz or interactive materials, or information that supplements other instructional resources.
  • Not commercially sponsored.
  • No charges for most features.
  • Easily navigable.

Three sites do not include evidence-based references. Two are direct links to You-tube videos and one is the web site of a nationally known occupational therapist (http://www.teepasnow.com/index.html).

How to use this list of web resources:

  1. Websites are listed in alphabetical order.
  2. Use the ‘search’ feature to locate sites by concept (e.g., falls, quality improvement, dementia) or by course relevance (e.g., leadership, chronic illness, acute care), or by icon feature (e.g., video clip). Some cites are cross referenced.

Request of users: Please let us know if a site link is not working, or if you identify materials from this list that you deem incorrect or inappropriate. Also, please share additional web resources with us—we hope to expand this list over time. Click HERE to contact us, report a problem, or suggest a site for inclusion.

Tiffany Allen, BS
Juliana Cartwright, PhD, RN
Layla Garrigues, RN, BSN, BS
Michelle Hall, RN, MS

These resources were developed with financial support from the Northwest Health Foundation and Department of Health & Human Services (Health Resources Service Award # CGEP D62HP06855: Rural Replication of an Academic Clinical Partnership to Enrich Nursing Student Learning in Long-Term Care Settings, J. Cartwright, PI).

Site Updated Februrary 2012