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ECLEPs Replication Manual

ECLEPs (Enriched Clinical Learning Environments through Partnerships) is a model for clinical academic partnerships in long-term care (LTC) settings, including nursing homes, home, and community-based care facilities such as assisted living and residential care. The primary aims of ECLEPs are to:

  • promote faculty development in gerontological nursing,

  • recognize and use the expertise of LTC nurses and support these nurses through multiple resources and staff development,

  • provide student nurses an opportunity to experience excellent long-term care nursing and understand the nurse's role in long-term management of chronic illness.

ECLEPs was initially developed by the Oregon Health & Science University School of Nursing (OHSU) and multiple partners through a pilot grant funded by the Northwest Health Foundation (NWHF). The ECLEPs model was then replicated in several communities in Southern Oregon through a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration. Most recently, with additional support from the NWHF, the ECLEPs model has been adapted for students in the OHSU baccalaureate completion program (RNBS).

Through the various forms of ECLEPs, we have learned a lot about what makes successful partnerships and excellent student experiences. The Replication Manual is designed to share some of those lessons learned. We hope that other schools of nursing and long-term care agencies will find this information useful as they seek to develop and strengthen partnerships that benefit student learning and resident care.

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